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Philips Consumer Care

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Online solutions

To find online information regarding your product, go to the product detail pages and check:

  • User manuals & Quick start guides
  • Software updates
  • FAQ’s & Tips and Tricks
  • Accessories & Spare parts
  • Awards

To start exploring this information for your products click the link below:


See the following document for more detailed information on the Philips warranty. Please contact our support if you have additional questions.

General warranty

General warranty (256KB)


Philips Consumer Lifestyle offer support on Twitter. Don’t hesitate to contact us there!
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Live Chat

It is also possible to receive support through Philips Consumer Lifestyle’s live chat.
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Repair solutions

Were you unable to find a solution online through our FAQ’s or your product detail page?
For TV, contact our TV support for troubleshooting and more information.
For all other product groups, contact your retailer to invoke your warranty. If you bought your product in Philips Online Shop, please contact our support.
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Spareparts and accessories

For spare parts and accessories please contact your retailer. You can also find spare parts in Philips Online Shop.
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