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Online solutions

Does your product really need to be repaired? The troubleshooting or FAQ section for your product may provide solutions for your problems. To find online information regarding your product, go to the product detail pages and check:

  • User manuals & Quick start guides
  • Software updates
  • FAQs & Tips and Tricks
  • Accessories & Spare parts
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Awards and reviews

To start exploring this information for your products click the link below:


See the following document for more detailed information on the Philips warranty. Please contact the local contact center if you have additional questions.

Dect specific warranty

Dect specific warranty (37KB)

General warranty

General warranty (170KB)

Service information

In case of a defect Philips offers you in- and outside the warranty the best service options. Before you requesting a repair, please check our comprehensive online offering for troubleshooting and contact our customer service. Our team will be happy to assist you with troubleshooting and will provide you for a repair the contact to an authorized repair center in your country.

Maintenance for Saeco devices

For optimum protection of your Saeco coffee machine is a good maintenance necessary. This gives you maximum enjoyment of your product. We recommend that you descale and clean your machine regularly. How to get your device as new.
+ Saeco care booklet (German)

Talk 2 peers

Join the Philips community & talk to like minded people to see if your question has already been asked, or ask a question yourself! Find information on your products, upcoming products and helpful hints and tips!
+ Philips Support Forum