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Does your product really need to be repaired? The troubleshooting or FAQ section for your product may provide solutions for your problems.


Our warranty terms vary by product. Please check the last page of the user manual or the packing inserts for warranty terms for your product.

Warranty Terms

Warranty Terms (67KB)

Warranty Claims / Repair Locator / Find a Servicer

If you have determined that your product is Out of Warranty and eligible for repair, we can assist you in locating an Authorized Servicer in your area by calling our contact center. If you wish to replace your product with the same or like equipment, you may purchase directly from our call center.

Parts & Accessories

We have many Parts and Accessories available for you to buy online. Please click the link below to be directed to our Parts & Acccessories On-Line Store.

Order Tracking / Repair Tracking

If you have taken your product to a local repair shop, please contact that shop directly for status updates. For tracking purchases from the OnLine Store, please log into your Account and select “My Order History”.

Service on your product

If you were not succesful in solving the problem, you can contact one of our Consumer Care agents who will assist you in determining if the product is defective and will give you futher directions.
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